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Who are we?

We are Lindsey & Elizabeth, two moms with our own trendy littles who were the passion behind our drive, and the reason we do all we do. Fievel + Louise is the combination of our oldest's middle names, and is a large part of our heart.

We love fashion and children's clothes almost as much as our kids and we found that were spending more money on a tshirt that was grown out of in a month than we were on our own clothes. So we did what moms do, complain to our friends, and SHOCKER, they had the same complaint! So, we went on a search for a store to consign these outgrown gems and to find other pieces from moms just like us, we came up short, so we took matters into our own hands.

At Fievel + Louise we believe in quality over quanity, selling high end designer consigned items ranging in sizes NB - 14 that are either new, or as close as it gets. We also collected all of our favorite accesories from local or small companies with a give back mission to give you a place to pick up a killer baby shower present or spoil your own little one, and feel good about it!


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